About Chris

Hi. My name is Chris. Welcome to my niche on the Web.
chris chelser, writer of psychological paranormal horror
As you may have noticed, I’m a writer of psychological paranormal horror. In another life, I was a lawyer and a business consultant until the monsters under my bed insisted I should be a fulltime writer. I thought it best not to argue with those teeth.

Where I come from

All my life, I have had nightmares that came at any time, not just in my sleep. Like so many children, I was taught to ignore them. To stay away from the darkness within, because “there be dragons”. Except I was already in over my head, and have been to this day. The scars are visible for those who care to look.

After two decades of writing my way through the dark, I learned what is truly there. Now the dragons are no longer enemies, but companions who help me write my stories.

So I left corporate life to devote myself to my childhood loves: horror, history, psychology, occultism, and storytelling.

What you can expect

My stories take you to ancient places, through forgotten history and play with the incongruous twists in humanity’s memory. They are populated by ghosts, monsters and the devil inside ourselves.

On this website, you will find my pubilshed books, and keep track of my work in progress.

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See you soon.

chris chelser