Who is Chris?

Chris Chelser, author and dragon handler.

Yes, you read that right. I was once a lawyer and a business consultant, until the monsters under my bed insisted my lifetime habit of writing horror stories should be a fulltime one. I thought it best not to argue with those teeth.

Since then, I have published several psychological paranormal horror novels, with more on the way.

chris chelser, writer of psychological paranormal horror

Dragons & Nightmares: Where I Come From

All my life, I have suffered from the kind of nightmares that don't end when you wake up. I was told to ignore the darkness within, because “there be dragons”.

Now, two decades later, those dragons help me write stories about ghost, monsters, and the human soul. Which, sometimes, are all one and the same thing...

Paying It Forward

I write and publish my stories because I want to share them, not to get rich over anyone's back. All my ebooks are available for free, and paperbacks & hardcovers are priced at production cost.

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See you soon,

chris chelser