Who is Chris?

I was once a lawyer and a business consultant, until the monsters under my bed insisted my lifetime habit of writing horror stories should be a fulltime one. I thought it best not to argue with those teeth.

Since then, I have published several psychological paranormal horror novels, with more on the way. I live in the Netherlands with my family. Contary to most writers I have no pets, but my son does very convincing impressions of puppies, kittens, and the occasional pterodactyl.

chris chelser, writer of psychological paranormal horror

Paying It Forward

I write and publish my stories because I want to share them, not to get rich over anyone's back. All my ebooks are available for free. You set the price, and no hard feelings if you choose to download them for free. Paperbacks & hardcovers are a bit trickier, so they are priced as low as the printer will let me.

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See you soon,

chris chelser