Because Stories Should Be Shared

Starting self-publishing my stories, the first thing I was taught was how being a ‘successful author’ is all about metrics. Words take a backseat to sales rankings and pandering to search engine algorithms outweighs good storytelling. It doesn’t matter if people like your book, as long as they pay for it.

This sick game is exactly why I left corporate life, so why play along when I can play by my own rules? Simple enough, because I have just one:

Share & Enjoy!

I write stories because I love storytelling, and I share them with others for them to enjoy. Books have saved my life more times than I can count. If my writing can do only a fraction of that for one single person, that is more reward than all the money book sales can rake up.

That is why all my ebooks are (almost) free. You can download files for any platform. They have no DRM, so you can share the book with your friends as much as you want.

No paperbacks? No. Printed books are beautiful, but printing them and shipping them takes a lot of non-renewable resources. To reduce the carbon footprint of my stories, I no longer offer printed copies.

“But…you’re just giving me your book?”

Yes, I am 😊. I hope you like it. If not – that’s always possible – please pass it on, so it may find a home with someone else.

And if you do, I’d love to hear about it. An email, a short review or a simple cup of coffee is all this writer needs to write more stories for you!

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