About Chris

chris chelser, writer of paranormal and psychological horror

Hi. My name is Chris. Welcome to my niche on the Web.

As you may have noticed, I’m a writer. A writer of psychological and paranormal horror, to be exact. In another life, I was a lawyer and a business consultant until the monsters under my bed insisted I should be a fulltime writer. Best not to argue with those teeth!

Where I come from

Growing up, I had nightmares that no one else saw or acknowledged. I was taught, like so many children, to stay away from the darkness within, because “there be dragons”. Except I was already in over my head.

So not only did I learn to fear and despise the darkness, I also learned to fear and despise myself. To this day, the scars this left on me are still visible.

After years of writing my way through the dark, I finally learned to embrace it instead and make friends with the dragons.

So I left corporate life behind to devote my time to my love for horror, history, psychology, occultism, and storytelling.

What you can expect

My stories take you to ancient places, through forgotten history and play with the incongruous twists in humanity’s memory. They are populated by ghosts, monsters and the devil inside ourselves.

On this website, you will find my pubilshed books, as well as the first chapter of my upcoming novel, The Devourer.

Looking for more? In the The Kalbrandt Café, I post short stories, poems, artwork and previews that aren’t available to the general public.

Café Membership is free! You can register here.

Stay in touch

You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, or you can send me a message. I always love hearing from you!

Take care!

chris chelser