Art prints of the Soulless Cries

Art prints of the Soulless Cries

This idea crossed my mind a while ago. Why not make full-fledged, high-resolution prints for the Soulless Cries?

So now #70 looks like this:

Art prints Soulless Cry #70

What do you think? Should I make more of these? I can’t read mind, to please leave a comment below ;).

2 thoughts on “Art prints of the Soulless Cries

  1. I like the design of this one. In keeping with the previous Soulless Cries, do you intend to stay in the b/w range or have you thought of using other colours too?

    1. Thank you 🙂

      While some of the larger versions will be black&white like their smaller counterparts, I’m collecting stockphotos for the majority. Adding a touch of colour to some adds intensity. I will be posting more over the net months, and I’d be very interested to hear wha tyou think of them!

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