Kalbrandt Institute Archives

Book II: Monsters

Whatever makes a monster, Eva is certain her boss is one.

Where "Monsters" will take you to:

M/44008/GY – Jebel Ouenat, Libya, 2012
The driest place on Earth reveals ancient bones that defy logic and draw Eva further back in time than she has ever been.

C/44264/NTD – Kalimantan, Indonesia, 2015
Strange things lurk in the deepest jungles. One of Eva's fellow agents will never return from her assignment - at least, not in one piece.  

24/BL – Messina, Sicily, 1347
The Black Plague has come to Europe, and even Cael cannot escape it.

C/37065/SAJ – Veste Malsaulenberg, German Empire, 1938
In the prelude to the Second World War, the Nazi party makes the Institute an offer they would be wise not to refuse.

P/35413/SRP – Ypres Salient, Belgium, 1917
The Third Battle of Passchendaele is Hell on Earth. Among the ruined bodies, not all of them as dead as they should be, an Australian doctor witnesses the impossible.


Expected 2022

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