A ship fighting its captain. A captain desperate to save his crew.

When it all comes apart, can anyone survive?

Ship prelim banner
Book In Progess:
The Ship That Tried To Sink Itself

At a glance, this surrealist novel is a fantasy drama about a lonely ship and her terrified crew, sailing into stormy weather and dangerous seas while their captain slowly loses his sanity.

Below the surface, however, the story is also an allegory showing the crippling anxiety, exhaustion and ultimately self-destruction caused by severe depression. This insidious illness forces those who suffer from it to mask its presence with fake smiles and self-denial. The Ship means to show the devastating downward spiral hidden behind this façade.

Ripples of possibilities trail behind the ship like a wake. In some of them, the storm didn’t just shred the sails, but broke our masts. In others, the wind and the current conspired to make us lose our bearings. In one, a monster wave overwhelmed us and dragged us into the deep.

However, none of those possibilities became reality. That was what I fought to accomplish. I won. As a ship’s captain should.

I'm still writing this book, but a teaser with the first four chapters is right here: