Treasure Chest Giveaway

ADDED: Signed copy of M.N. Seeley's "A Flicker of Shadows"!

In the Treasure Chest so far:

  • Signed copy of M.N. Seeley's novel¬†A Flicker of Shadows
  • Paperblank "Dracula" - 18x23 cm lined notebook
  • ...

Still more treasures coming! Over the next few weeks, I will post photo's of the treasures as the chest fills up with books, gimmicks and other indispensable gifts for anyone who dares to embrace their nightmares!

To Win This Chest, simply:

  1. Click here to enter into the contest.
  2. Collect your unique link (send to your inbox).
  3. Share your link - for everyone who enters through your unique links, you get three extra entries.

So the more of your friends join in, the bigger your chance to win this treasure chest!