Housing in 19th Century Paris

Housing in 19th Century Paris

In “Dark Eyes”, Mercedes and Eric own the building with their shops on the group floor and their own appartment on the second floor, while the floors higher up are rented out to students and house the servants.

For those of you interested in learning more about who lived where and what their apparments might look like, I found a wonderful blog-post about Parisian housing in the 19th century:

Parisians at Home and the Secrets d’Alcôve

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2 thoughts on “Housing in 19th Century Paris

  1. Thank you for that wonderful link. I did not know that blog, but now I will read through it. Even though it is mainly ‘Victorian’ Paris it will not have changed much from the situation a few decades earlier. So I can certainly see the students – not necessarily those living above Mercedes and Eric- live where the card reader lived. I can see Courf having the alcove. 🙂

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