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From The Archives: F/25852/YA

The bead ran a ragged pattern across the sheet, then spelt L, U, I with individual letters.

‘“Lui”? “Him”?’ He frowned. Him and you, the same person? Couldn’t be, since he wasn’t dead. Unless… unless this had nothing to do with him.

He scanned the writing on the sheet again. All words, all phrases were either written in first person, or in the formal second person. Je, moi, mon, vous, votre, etc. But there was no reference to a third person, or to anyone who was not part of the conversation.

Yet the bead was trying to refer to someone other than him or the ghost moving the bead. A third person.

‘With “vous”, you mean the person whom you used to address by means of this board?’


‘So I would be right to think there are two of you in this house?’

The bead didn’t move.

‘And you used to be Monsieur Chevalier.’

“Moi”, the bead confirmed.

‘And the other?’

The bead rolled onto “vous”. Adan snorted. Typical for ghosts not to concern themselves with names. Maybe a prompt would help, but he recalled he didn’t know the name of the major. He wouldn’t get any wiser by pursuing this line of thought. He glanced at the sheet.

‘Of the two of you, were you the first to die?’ he asked, still whispering.


Good. By process of elimination that as good as confirmed the hostile ghost to be that of the major. But still…

‘…why did you stay?’

From The Kalbrandt Instite Archives – Book I: Hauntings