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Updated: August 10th, 2021


No More Paperbacks

As of August 2021, I have removed the option to order paperbacks of my titles.

Printed books are beautiful, I agree, but printing them and shipping them to readers takes a lot of non-renewable resources: trees for paper, chemicals and power for printing machines, plastic and cardboard for packing, fuel for transport, etc. Hosting servers for e-books also takes resources, but as I thusfar offered both formats anyway, I decided to reduce the carbon footprint of my stories by no longer offering printed copies.

I do have a SMALL stock of paperbacks left! I'm selling these for the discounted price of Eu 10 each (+shipping). If you wish to order a title, please contact me.

In The Works...

Current projects:

Status: Still writing...
Catch a first glimpse!

Status: Researching.

I apologise that this is taking me so long for what are on average short books. Personal issues followed by Covid-19 and the crisis it caused has turned my life upside down for over 3 years. But I haven't given up!

Click the image for the book page. That is where its progress and online previews will be posted.

Where you can find me next:

Tentative New Event Scheduled

Fantasy Fest - October 23rd & 24th 2021 - Rijswijk (NL)
More information to follow!