Populist Witch Hunts

Populist Witch Hunts

From time to time, the Café’s namesake, Cael Kalbrandt, takes the blog stage to share his thoughts and views with a liberal dose of sarcasm, profanity and gritty realism.

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Modern Witch Hunts With A Modern Hammer

“Witch.” The sound alone conjures up image of ugly crones with warts, black cats, and a supersonic broomstick. The very word is obscene: an unholy insult to scare children and offend adults.

Of course, society is so much wiser and more civilised now. We may detest those who are not exact copies of our ideal self, but we don’t immolate, drown or hang by the neck until dead. “Immolate” means to burn someone, by the way. But hey, stakes are a thing of the past, right?

Screw that! The witch hunts aren’t over. Not by a long shot.

First, let’s correct a few erroneous but annoyingly common misconceptions:

  1. Witches are not a folk tale only invented at the end of the Middle Ages.
  2. The Catholic Inquisition did not conduct witch hunts.
  3. Modern wiccans are not witches in the original sense of the word, so that is not where this post is going.

Then why are you – yes, you – at a realistic risk of becoming a victim of modern witch hunts?

populist witch hunts
Witch No. 3 by J.E. Baker


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