Review Raffle

Your review is your raffle ticket!

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Reviews are an author’s bread and butter. Good reviews give that sorely-needed moral boost, and even the less enthusiastic ones provide valuable feedback. On top of that, webshops like Amazon show those ‘You may also like’ suggestions to readers based on – you guessed it – reviews.

Okay, forget the bread: reviews are the air that authors breathe. Your opinion in that valuable.

How the Review Raffle Works

  1. Select the book you want to review and where (for now only Amazon and Goodreads are eligible)
  2. Write and submit your review on that website
  3. Copy the URL of your review and paste it in the Raffle Entry Form
  4. Complete the form and click ‘submit’
  5. You have now entered the raffle!

At the end of every month, I collect all submission and draw one random winner. Yes, random. Long or short, good or bad, eloquent or riddled with typos: your review is eligible to win.

The Prize: a $25 Gift Card of your choice!
Amazon, Starbucks, your favourite book or fashion shop… If they sell digital gift cards, you have it.

So, are you ready? Then go for it: