Embrace Your Nightmares!

I love writing, and I love sharing stories. That is why I've chosen to make my books available for free (or at printing cost):

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'Free books' doesn't mean 'sloppy books'. Stories should read well and look enticing, so I gladly invest in editors and artwork to ensure every title I put out there is a professional-quality book.

So if you enjoy my writing and want to help me publish more books in future, please consider supporting me:

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Moral support is vital to any writer, and a marvellous way to show yours is by leaving a review on Goodreads or Smashwords. Don't be shy: even a single word can make a lot of difference!

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There seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of coffee I consume and pages I write, rewrite and edit. Art can't be hurried, but a single cup of coffee goes a long way.

And when words (or coffee) don't come easy, it's already a great support to me to know you're here. May I reach out to you on occassion?

Thank You!