Magazine – August 2018

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While the print proof receives a last check and Advanced Copies are on track to go out mid-September, the preparations for Monsters' launch are taking shape.

Monsters will be officially released on October 13th!

Ebooks will be available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo & most other e-readers, and of course there will be the paperback!

A few tips to fuel your pre-launch anticipation:

  • Read Book I to refresh your memory of Eva's exploits
  • Participate in the Treasure Chest Giveaway - a stack of books to keep you company through Halloween. And who knows, there might be a last-minute addition to the chest 😉
  • Read and share The Devourer as it unfolds on No Kindle or e-reader required!
  • Connect on Twitter and (new) Instagram.

And... another glimpse into the Archives!

These bones share their story here, but I will post another complete story when October comes. Subscribe below, so you won't miss it!

But that is not all...

On October 13 and 14, come celebrate the release of Monsters with me!

This autumn, I will be attending the gothic & fantasy fair in Rijswijk (NL), newly dubbed the Fantasy Fest. You can find me in the Victorian & Gothic pavillion, with books, more books, and several items straight from the Kalbrandt Institute's archives!

Can you see what Eva can? Give it a try and find out...