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Paradise v4

Writing has always been my first love, with art as a close second. So any time I'm lost for words - as all writers are, on and off - I like to tinker with Photoshop or real paper to stay creative.

"Paradise" is based on the Res Arcana story by the same name (right here).

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Chandra and Rand are on assignment in the jungle of Borneo. But while they may be the only humans for miles around, they are far from alone...

Read file no. C/44230/NTD here.

This Month's Articles

February 14th: Of Love Stories And Corrupted Fairy Tales

Today, all across the globe we herald Valentine’s Day in a splash of crass commercialism. A perfect opportunity to share some little-known details about the origin of romantic love stories. Prepare to have your pink bubble burst.  Read the article.  

February 26th: Omnipresent Ghosts

Hauntings are more common than you think. Once you learn how to recognise their presence, ghosts are quite the elephant in the room. Read the article.

February 5th: Taming Dragons - Resistance

Our dragons lurk in the darkest parts of our mind, heart and soul. But while they may be fearsome and dangerous, they needn’t be our enemies. This one is called: Resistance.
Read the article.

February 19th: The Monsters You Never Recognise

What makes monster stories so appealing? And why are we so inapt to recognise those very monsters in real life?
Read the article.

On A Finale Note...

Reminder for everyone who plans a visit: March 10 & 11 is the next edition of the Gothic & Fantasy Event in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

I have joined forces with three fellow writers, and we will be there all weekend to have fun - and sign books!