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Date: September, 2015
Location: Kalimantan, Indonesia
Agent: Dr. Nyugen Tan Duc

By day, the dense tropical woods of Borneo were alive with birds and animals. Now, by night, all that remained was silence. Not the silence of absence of life, but of an abundance of creatures lying in wait, watching two people in a small boat, rowing upstream by the light of a weak lantern and the blueish glow of a satellite GPS device.
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This Month's Articles

January 29th: Plot Pruning

Now this wooden carcass sits in our backyard, entertaining the local birds while awaiting dismantling. And I do mean dismantling: with its two-inch thorns as thick as nails, handling a pyracantha (or ‘firethorn’) feels like a scene straight from Saw II.

The comparison with editing a first draft is so striking, it’s not even funny. Read the article.  

January 22nd:
Experience By Proxy

...a terrible shame. Not on those youngsters, but for them. Because if their repulsion of reading persists, they miss out on far more than a handful of books. 
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January 15th:
Stories With Spine

Everyone who loves scary stories has favourite elements they can’t get enough of. So when I was researching the next Kalbrandt Institute Archives , naturally there would be skeletons involved. 
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January 8th:
Resolving Unresolved Resolutions

For some unfathomable reason, changing a digit on a calendar is considered so momentous, it warrants making radical changes. Why not quit smoking on October 3rd
Read Cael's guest post.

On A Final Note...

Here we are: Chris's newsletter, new style. What do you think?

This mini-magazine is for you, so how you feel about it matters. Like it, hate it, see room for improvement? Whatever they may be, please take a moment to share your thoughts

For the Dutch, German and British genre fans: March 10 & 11 will see another edition of the Gothic & Fantasy Event in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

I have joined forces with three fellow writers, and we will be there all weekend to have fun - and sign books!

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