Magazine – June 2018

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Monsters are coming...

...and that means they will need a cover.

One that turned out radically different from Book I, so the ghosts tried on a new jacket as well. Here is what I had in mind for them to wear at the release party of Monsters this autumn:

What do you think? Does it suit them?

Yes or no, please give a shoutout. These books are for you, so don't be shy. Let them know what you think of their new outfit:

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Pay It Forward

Our modern economy is entirely based on tit-for-tat: "You don't get anything unless you give me that first." The lack of trust is tangible. You pay before your order is even delivered. You can't get a loan unless you don't need one. Even gifts have become a currency to buy forgiveness, loyalty, and favours.

In a world like that, paying it forward is a suspicious concept. Giving without getting something back? How could anyone live like that?

Yet 'paying it forward' is more than a hipster motto or glorified alms. It means giving without expecting anything in return, and receiving in gratitude that which finds it way to you. It is a way of life that I have always believed in, but only recently found the courage to adopt on a daily basis.

As I write this, I'm incorporating this philosophy in how I market my books as well. It's not complete yet, but for a first glimpse, have a look at my titles on Smashwords or drop by in my ko-fi corner.

Yes, I'll be giving out gifts. Lots of them. 🙂

A Date With Darkness

Looking for magic this summer? Next month, the Magic Fair will take place on July 21 & 22 at Castle Erenstein in Kerkrade, on the Dutch-German border. Come and join us for workshops, music, and of course...books!