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Changing Frequency

After several requests from readers, I will be sending email notifications for each new blog post as it goes live. So if you are a subscriber, I will drop a brief email with the link in your inbox every Monday, starting next week.

If you are not receiving my emails, please check your spamfilter and/or Gmail's 'promotions' tab! Apparently some providers have altered their algorithms again, which plays Russian roulette with if and where incoming emails are delivered. I'm trying to find solutions for this at my end, but ultimately the providers - or rather their computers - decide.

Introducing: REVIEW RAFFLE

Reviews are unspeakably important to all writers. No exception here. So as a 'thank you' for everyone who leaves an Amazon or Goodreads review on one of my books, I'm introducing the Review Raffle.

Follow the instructions to enter your review - good, bad, long short, doesn't matter - and at the end of each month I will draw 1 random winner!

The Prize: a $25 Gift Card of your choice! 

Amazon, Starbucks, your favourite book or fashion shop… If they sell digital gift cards, you have it!

This Month's Articles

Savouring The Tears in The Writer.

A convincing story is delightful because it feels real. But that conviction comes at a price – for both the writer and the reader.  Read the article.  

Interview with Cat Fox

"It was either working two miserable jobs to make ends meet, or make good money doing something I’m actually good at."
Read the article.

Taming Dragons - Jealousy

Our dragons lurk in the darkest parts of our mind, heart and soul. But while they may be fearsome and dangerous, they needn’t be our enemies. This one is called: Jealousy.
Read the article.

5 Painful Truths About Mercedes' Paris

While writing The Devourer, I dug up numberous dark details that didn’t make it into the story. These 5 are too delightful not to share!
Read the article.

On A Finale Note...

The Gothic & Fantasy fest in Rijswijk was a great success, and it was a delight to meet several of you in person!

The next event I will be attending is the Magic Fair in July, at Castle Eherstein (on the German-Dutch border). More information to follow!

Payload - web size

"Payload" was one of my favourite stories to write for the Res Arcana anthology, so naturally it was high on my list to make into an illustration.

Art prints, T-shirts, phone cases and more are available from