Magazine – May 2018

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Treasure Chest Giveaway

New addition to the chest: a signed hardcover edition of The Devourer, #1 of a limited run of 50!

Enter the sweepstake and this chest could be yours!


Monsters is nicely on track for its publication deadline, and even its cover is starting to take shape. There are also a few new teaser quotes floating about on the book page.

Of course, most of the book's progress is still behind the screens. Would you like so see more of my writing process, and if so, what would you like me to share with you?

I'm very curious, so please leave your suggestion in the comments at the bottom of this page or send me a message.

On A Finale Note...

Due to unexpected health issues that made quite an impact, there are no new article this month.

(If you really wish to know: suffice to say that the tea-making process should under no circumstance involve pouring the boiling water over your legs...)