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The Pain Game

The Pain Game

Not quite the blogpost I had planned for today, but clear thinking is impossible when you’re repeatedly curled up in foetal position for days on end. However, that little setback did put me in the perfect position to study the mind’s response to pain. Especially excruciating pain…

pain game - excruciating pain and how it affects the mind
Photo: Vincent Bozzo

A bout of enteritis brougth on some terrible and very painful cramps. They were only cramps, I kept telling myself. But even “only cramps” proved sufficient to hotwire my brain.

In short, my body threw a Happy Potter-style Cruciatus Curse on itself. This is what it did.

Waves of Agony

Pain caused by cramps hits in waves. The muscles contract, causing pain. Then they relax a fraction and the pain diminishes. The variations on this theme are endless:

  • A single wave may come on, peak and fade away in any period of time. Minutes are usual, but sometimes it does a hit and run in a matter of seconds.
  • A new wave may start before the previous one has ebbed away entirely. Depending on how much they overlap, the pain can seem practically continuous.
  • The intensity of waves can vary, too, depending on when they “crest”.

Pain can literally short-circuit your brain.


Hacking Your Fear of Failure

Hacking Your Fear of Failure

fear of failure - hands - AK Rockefeller

Fear is the essence of horror. So as a writer of horror fiction, naturally I’m an expert fear manager, right?

On paper, yes. In reality, I’m always more or less terrified of one thing in particular. And so are you, whether you realise it or not.

The Commonest Fear

Extreme fear is high profile. The list of phobias is endless. But the most common everyday fear is as insidious as is it crippling. Everyone suffers from it. “Not me!” you say? Think again. Think of…

…failure. Nobody wants to be a failure. No one wants people laughing at them. You may not call it fear, but your shoulders tense. You feel queasy and your palms become sweaty. All at the mere thought of failing to…

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Three Magic Words To Dissolve Lethargy

Three Magic Words To Dissolve Lethargy

Once a month I permit myself to discuss the challenges of being a (self-published) author. In this month’s post:

Three Magic Words To Dissolve Lethargy

Do you ever struggle to gather the energy and momentum to actually get something done?

defeat lethargy, gain momentum

I’m quite certain you do, because it’s a very common problem.  It is what makes us break away from a routine after we have been forced to interrupt it. Just imagine skipping your regular workout a few times – or any other good habit, for that matter. For some, even a night’s sleep is an interruption of life’s routine that makes getting out of bed in the morning nearly impossible.

This effect causes what I call the Blank Page Syndrome. And as it turns out, there is a terrifically easy way to solve it!

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