“The Devourer” snippet

“The Devourer” snippet

Sneak preview of the chapter I’m working on:

His long-standing habit brought them to the darker end of the fog, where the outlines of the city were only just visible in the advancing shadows, yet the scent of human energy drifted down from the Threshold. Here, the streets were teeming with life of another kind. His kind. Here, he was still met with apprehension, but not with outright abhorrence.

The woman was less confident.

‘My God, what are those?’ she exclaimed, drawing closer to him.

In the near distance wandered two hunched, black figures. They staggered on aimlessly, emitting a sharp screeching howl that cut through to the core. Or it would have done but for the protective qualities of his coat, which prevented the horrific noise from bothering him.

‘They are wailers,’ he answered deadpan. ‘Pathetic souls that are incapable of anything but cry and lament.’

‘What about?’

‘Undetermined. It is conceivable that they no longer know themselves. They do not communicate with others, even with their own kind.’

‘But these seem to be traveling together.’

‘Misery does so love company.’ 

– The Devourer (ch 19)


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