Updated: 12/Mar/2018

Current WIP:

Book II of the Kalbrandt Institute Archives series is well underway. The first preview is now available!

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Artwork & Illustrations

Since I would go stir crazy if I sat behind a keyboard all day, I have a initiated a few side-projects that are linked to my books: photo illlustrations. Have a look at the first releases here.

Review Raffle!

Writers are nothing with you, dear reader. Your thoughts and feelings are more important to us than you may realise. So when you like my work, please take a moment leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Not only will it make my day, but I promise to make it worth your while, because...

Starting this month (March 2018), I'm introducing the Review Raffle! Leave a review, use the Raffle Entry Form to tell me about it, and your review automatically becomes your raffle ticket for the monthly draw.

The prize? A $25 gift card of your choice. Starbucks, Amazon, you name it. If they sell digital gift cards, it's yours!

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