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The Ship – chapter 4 snippet

Will had a ‘little’ accident in the gun powder storage. James is furious, and he isn’t the only one…

“What in hell’s name were you doing down there, lad?”

“Those gems we talked about,” I huff between Richard’s prodding. At the surgeon’s instructions, I turn my face further. “They’re down there, Harold. In the back of the powder magazine.”

“Are they now? Wonderful,” Harold chides, hands planted in his sides. “Too bad retrieving them didn’t exactly go without a hitch. What in blazes happened in there?”

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Ship Psychology – a non-fiction project

Practical psychology has long-since been an interest of mine, in no small part due to my own mental health challenges. When regular psychotherapy didn’t catch on, I decided to help myself – through my characters. Much of this process ends up in my stories.

However, this practical method to understand why you do what you do proved too valuable to too many people not to share in its own right.