I’m Not Dead!

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking I was, seeing as I’ve not published a thing in ages and all my social media channels have gone offline. 

Long story short: the pandemic hit me hard in my mental health, and all the monsters in my head came crawling out. Just not on to the pages of my drafts. 

What I did write about that process resulted in a steep personal development as well as a career switch: psychology had always been a hobby, but now I made it my day-time profession. 

But I haven’t forgotten my fiction writing. Eva and Cael have been clamouring so loudly that I decided to give The Kalbrandt Institute Archives a fifth book in the series. Yes, I know I’m still working on Book III!

My other project that was upcoming years ago, The Ship That Tried To Sink Itself, outgrew itself in a way I had never dared to dream of. What began as the first chapters in the hard life of bosun Billy and his stern, tormented Captain went on to develop into a full-fledged psychological model that now forms the basis of my work as a psychologist and speaker: Ship Psychology. Their story is my story, in the deepest sense. Theirs was and remains a horror story befitting the rest of my writing, and it still wants telling. 

First, I’m going to relaunch this brand-new website with links to all my existing books, which are still out there, looking for you to read them.

See you again soon!


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