“Ship” Cosplay – part 1

To bring my books to more conventions and other real-life events, I’m working on a costume of James, the Captain from The Ship That Tried To Sink Itself.

James’s own outfit isn’t completely finished yet, but in this post, I want to give you a first glimpse of his long-time companion: the Kraken.

As the fresh scars on his forearm confirm, James is trained well and therefore denies claims of a monster sinking its teeth into his back. He may have some scratches from a recent battle, but he’s perfectly fine, thank you very much.

The Kraken makes its first on-screen appearance well in the book. However, from the moment James assumed command of the Ship, something is lurking in the shadows. Is the Kraken closer than he knows, or is something else out to get him?

If you want read a preview of the first few chapters, drop me a line any time.