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Ship Psychology – a non-fiction project

Practical psychology has long-since been an interest of mine, in no small part due to my own mental health challenges. When regular psychotherapy didn’t catch on, I decided to help myself – through my characters. Much of this process ends up in my stories.

However, this practical method to understand why you do what you do proved too valuable to too many people not to share in its own right.

Your Mind As A Ship

Being you is easier when you stop fighting yourself.

In the last two years, what began as fragmented daydreaming about a ship, her captain and her crew grew into a fully-fledged method to understand the clashes between my thoughts, my emotions, and my behaviour. As you will have guessed, The Ship That Tried To Sink Itself is the novelised retelling of what I discovered about myself.

When I shared this concept with friends, they began to recognise their own Ship. Soon various people with different backgrounds and different issues told me the model helped them to make sense of themselves.

A Practical Approach To Understanding Yourself

Seeing how useful this model is to people, I have launched a website dedicated to the Ship Psychology method as it developed. Here, I will explain the model, how it works, why it works, techniques to make it work for you, and demonstrations of the insights it can bring you.

If this sounds interesting, please vitsit the Ship Psychology website.

Click the image to visit the Ship Psychology website.