Who's Chris H. Chelser?

As you might have guessed, Chris Chelser is my pen name. It’s not because have to protect my real identity for interesting reasons, but simply because my real name is hard to pronounce when you don’t speak Dutch. And my first name can be spelled in so many different ways that I go by the abbreviated version instead. No one gets ‘Chris’  wrong ;).

In daily life, I’m a psychological counselor specialised in helping people with neurodivergence (ADHD, ASD, High-IQ, HSP and LGBTQ+) recover from complex trauma (C-PTSD) and suicidal ideationRecently, I also stared a foundation that strives to improve mental health and resilience worldwide. In case you were wondering, there is the reason why my stories are psychological horror: sometimes the monsters in my head want to come out and play for a bit.

I’m also a big fan of history and learning in general.  I also love puzzles and treasure hunts. The result is that why my stories are often littered with trivia easter eggs, which I put in for a chuckle of my own as well as the enjoyment of the readers that find them. 

In my downtime I either write or watch stories as well as read . Seriously, if I knew how to make films, I would! But I don’t, so I write down the films I see in my head. Yes, that’s still the same head where those monsters roam. Welcome to my world! 

When I’m not in my office, writing or speaking with clients, I spend time with my husband and son, and our three fluffy meat potatoes guinea pigs.

Final bit of trivia about myself: I LOVE questions! If you ever want to ask something about something you came across in any of my writing, or about how I tackle the process of writing, feel free to ask


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